Enterprise Software and IT Services

Enterprise Software and Information TechnologyOver the past several decades, enterprise software and information technology services have enabled businesses to reengineer their business models while operating leaner and more effectively at larger scale.

We understand traditional enterprise software providers, offering complex, heavily integrated and often verticalized solutions to large businesses, as well as the next generation SaaS solution providers offering businesses lighter touch, more rapid deployments for quicker benefit. The advent of the cloud and solutions that take advantage of vast information aggregation, open interfaces and collaborative communication possibilities, virtualization and elastic computing herald yet another era in enterprise software.

Our coverage areas include:

  • Legacy software, SaaS or cloud solutions used by businesses in their operations, such as Big Data applications and analytics, ERP, PLM, MES and others;
  • Verticalized business software, especially for the retail, supply chain, and transportation/distribution industries;
  • IT consultants, developers, implementation specialists and VARs; and
  • Providers of technology enabled services.

At Cronus, we understand how technology impacts its customers and the value this creates for its providers. We work with our clients to understand this enterprise technology ecosystem and their place within it. We help them navigate their competitive positioning, while understanding their exit options and assessing their value to those competitors and others. Our focus and long history in this sector means that we bring a wealth of relationships to bear, among key strategic technology companies and institutional investors focused on technology opportunities.