Transaction Risks

Nothing set forth in this website should be construed as a recommendation to enter into, or an endorsement of, any transaction or type of transaction, whether sale, divestiture, acquisition, merger, or private placement or other type of transaction, or as a representation that any particular type of transaction is suitable or appropriate for any particular party or circumstance. The transactions and types of transactions described in this website involve significant risks, and no party should consider or enter into any transaction unless that party fully understands all of these risks and has independently determined that the risks are acceptable and that the transactions are appropriate in light of particular objectives, experience, financial and operational resources and other relevant circumstances. Such risks can include, but are not limited to, the discovery of, or failure to discover, material issues during due diligence; the failure to agree on the final terms of definitive agreements or related agreements or any party’s breach of, or refusal to close the transactions reflected in, those agreements; the ability successfully to manage growth or contraction in the economy; access to capital on favorable terms as needed for operations or growth; the ability to achieve expected annual savings and synergies from past and future business combinations; competitive factors and price pressures; inventory risks due to shifts in market demand and/or price erosion; cancellations by customers; concentrated reliance on major customers or suppliers; labor relations; risks inherent in operating abroad, including foreign currency exchange rates; changes in applicable law or regulatory authorizations, security clearances, or other legal rights to conduct business; adverse regulatory actions, or other governmental sanctions; risks of litigation; the effects (including possible increases in the cost of doing business) resulting from future war and terrorists activities or political uncertainties; natural disasters, casualties, utility disruptions, or the failure to anticipate unknown risks and uncertainties; dependence on management; as well as other factors.

Any discussion of risks contained in this website should not be considered to be a disclosure of the risks of a particular transaction or type of transaction or a complete discussion of any of the risks that are mentioned.