Specialty Manufacturing

Specialty ManufacturingCronus has worked with a significant number of manufacturing companies that use innovative processes to produce products made for others or sold by the company under its own brands, collectively specialty manufacturers.

Specialty manufacturing is either a manufacturing process unique to a company with advantages in cost, quality or the application of technology or a manufacturer with a proprietary or technically distinguishable product-oriented business where the differentiating factor for the business is branding or applications.

Amongst other common characteristics of this type of business are ad hoc organizations where individuals can play a variety of roles. Also, customer concentration is an issue, usually resulting from a large contract or the origination of the business as an organization developed to support one particular customer that blossomed into a more diverse business with that original customer still representing a major part of revenue.

Cronus has the ability to identify the sources of competitiveness for such clients. Where scale is not evident, we can identify why the production methods create competitiveness and thus the opportunity for sustainable profits, enabling the company to be valued much more highly than initially perceived. Where customer diversity is an issue, we can look to buyers who seek a relationship with a particular customer and/or whose own customer mix is enhanced by the new relationship. If these characteristics are present, we work with our client to mitigate the issues and to transform them into strengths.