Mergers & Acquisitions

We develop client-tailored strategies and specific solutions, identify appropriate opportunities and partners, and orchestrate all aspects of transaction executions.

  • Sell Side Advisory
  • Buy Side Advisory
  • Family Business Transitions and Solutions
  • Management Buyouts and Recapitalizations
  • Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures

Sell Side Advisory

Cronus professionals have extensive experience selling businesses for a variety of owner-types, including divisions of large public companies, private equity portfolio companies, and family businesses. We handle every process discretely, professionally and with senior-level attention, tailoring each process to address the unique business attributes and specific objectives of our clients. We have a deep and broad understanding of what buyers seek, how they execute an acquisition process, and how they evaluate and negotiate acquisition opportunities.

Buy Side Advisory

Cronus provides client-tailored acquisition programs for corporations and private equity firms. Combining elements of management consulting with traditional investment banking, we work with a client both to develop and to execute a corporate development strategy. We provide a disciplined and analytic acquisition process that creates proprietary transaction opportunities tailored to our client’s articulated acquisition strategy, and we pride ourselves on creating such transaction opportunities for our clients with companies that are not otherwise “for sale”. Cronus also accelerates, facilitates and closes mergers or acquisitions that are identified or initiated by our clients.

Family Business Transitions and Solutions

Whether a family business is seeking to maximize growth, maximize liquidity or achieve other objectives to satisfy different family shareholders, we help our clients match their objectives with realistic solutions in the context of the capital markets. Cronus understands that family heritage is a vital intangible asset that contributes to shareholder value. Frequently, as the business evolves, the capital required to grow creates tension among an expanding family shareholder group. The desire to realize created value can conflict with the desire to maintain control of the business, particularly when considering a generational succession.

Management Buyouts and Recapitalizations

We have significant experience working with management teams both in the negotiation of a buyout from existing ownership and in the making of a platform acquisition. In each such transaction, we identify and negotiate with the capital partners best able to effect the contemplated transaction – on terms attractive to the management team. Cronus works to facilitate all facets of the buyout and financing transaction, enabling the management team to remain focused on continuing to advance the business. Cronus also helps management identify the various potential conflicts inherent in an MBO.

Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures

We are experienced in dealing with the many forms of corporate collaboration, including full joint ventures, licensing, development agreements, and marketing or distribution cooperation. We identify an appropriate partner for our client and negotiate the ideal structure and terms of the strategic alliance or JV in an orchestrated, confidential manner to create a competitive yet collaborative environment. As negotiations involving sensitive intellectual property are often difficult, Cronus plays a vital role as intermediary, helping preserve the relationship among principals whose continued trust and communication will be essential to the success of the alliance.