Michael Persico

Senior Advisor

Mike Persico is a Managing Member of Minerva Advisors, continuing his participation as a Board Director or Senior Advisor to remediation, transportation, and disposal businesses. These environmental services businesses include wastewater treatment facilities, nation-wide oil spill response organizations, hazardous and non-hazardous transfer stations, soil roasters, and environmental consulting. He has been a key advisor in the acquisition or expansion of a variety of permitted facilities and numerous real estate transactions concerning permitted and/or environmentally impaired properties.

Mr. Persico was previously President and a Member of the Board of Directors of both Clean Venture and Cycle Chem, Inc. He provided the direction, planning, sales, and marketing for the companies which collectively provide the environmental contracting, transporting, treatment, and disposal of hazardous and petroleum products. The companies have more than $100 million in sales and 350 employees at eight offices, a soil roaster, and three licensed hazardous waste transfer, storage, and disposal facilities.

Previously, Mr. Persico was a Facility Environmental Specialist at AT&T/Bell Laboratories, Project Manager at Cecos International, and a chemist at Peabody Coastal Services.


Wagner College, B.S.